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Urban Bench.

Client: Internal Product.

Inspired by F-117 fighter plane, STREET FIGHTER bench is inserted in the city with a wild combination of metallic planes assembled in a way that the movement of light and shadows give life to the product. The strength and durability of materials applied, make the bench ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Transportation and storage were main aspects at the time of developing the product.

We created a fully assembly bench, with five main parts and four union pieces.

The execution of the project was sustained by the analisis of shapes through 3D modelling, which allows a hi-tech dynamic look that is contrasted with a constructive simplicity. This aspects make this bench reproducible and easily reparable with lo-tech equipment.

Finalist at Casa FOA 2015 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Winner of Salâo Design 2016 (Bento Goncalves, Brazil) Category Exterior Use Furniture, finalist at the "Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño" 2016 (Madrid, Spain) and selected by CLAP as Best Urban Furniture Design 2016 (Spain).

Date of Creation: 2015.

General Dimensions: (1.300x450x420)mm

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